Right There

Right there

And I cannot even see you

But these images stay fruitful

Organizing thoughts from nothing

Right now I know where you are

Inappropriate for me to be knocking

But damn it is challenging

Just knowing I could see you now

Maybe pretend to be room service

Can you hear me????

Right there

Right next to you

Bringing you some breakfast

Trying find out

What you want to get into

I’m already good

Got everything I need

I’m right here with you

With the best everything

Can you see me????

What is it

That I’m missing

Is it how you walk past the kitchen

Ain’t nothing cookin but you

Smelling like the sweetest honey

Can I just taste you

Show you every appreciation

Loving completely

With no hesitation

Can you see me right there????

How come

We are even going through this

So many missed texts

Is your phone working

Are we playing games

Are is this real

I know I feel how I feel

I love you too much

Not to keep this real

Can you hear me right there?