All I was doing was sitting here

Completely empty of any thought to pursue

There was only one thing I wanted to do

Just put down a few words

Expelling every thought that I choose to feel

Unbeknownst to me

You had this thought of me

Then suddenly things changed instantly

And I was lost in you….

Thoughts are my intention

Every interaction is specifically designed

Grounded in a universal belief

That you completely believe in me

Therefore I walk proudly

Chest protruding loudly

There are differences between us

But there is nothing stopping us

Existing eternally because it’s us….

Allowing energy to flow through

It’s the only way I get that glimpse of you

Allowing molecules of air to emulate touch

Because if that molecule together something

And that something is connected to something

There is something unseen

That creates this bind we share

Regardless of what it is

I have no thoughts of letting the shit go….

Time is a vengeful spirit

Knowing full well how many days I have

Yet there are so many things

Keeping me away from you

Not even sure what I need to do

Present keeps changing constantly

Too anchored in the past evidently

Wondering what I did in a past life

Why these Thoughts have a hold on me