Let Me Say This Though….

Let me say this though

Is it bad that it doesn’t feel off

I swear if I close my eyes

I could follow the sound of your heart

That precious beat calling me

Directly me down every street

The day wouldn’t be complete

If it didn’t end embracing what’s sweet….

Let me say this though

I can talk around it all day

I fucked up back in the day

But for real for real it all worked out

If I was now who I was then

Shit wouldn’t have worked out

There wasn’t enough pain in me

To appreciate the gift if you….

Let me say this though

At the dawn of each day

Without hesitation or provocation

 thoughts Resonant around me

Reminding me constantly

There is nothing that competes

The truth is completely 

I’m In love with you….

Let me say this though

I think insanity rules me

Because I don’t believe

You see me fully

There’s no way

You think of me

like I think about you

Yet I’m here holding onto you….

Let me say this though

I knew I was fucked up

This is beyond the day dreams

More than these wild fantasies

When the night was revealed

One thing shown through

I realized before I went to slept

I was saying good night to you