Wrong & Right

Is it wrong?

That you are my focus

I care about all your connections

But if I am not connected

I won’t lose focus

I am the key to your lock

Releasing your purest energy

Nothing needs to be said

But I can receive it all

There is this unnamed feeling

That has me lost…

Is it right?

The amount of hours you have of mine

Even when you are not with me

You are with me all the time

This is far from a struggle

This is an intentional affair

Moving with purpose and discipline

Words remain cavalier

There’s no regret in this perception

His worse mistake

Is about to be my best blessing….

Is it wrong?

Texting you all night long

Even got you on that special ring tone

The night ain’t right

If I don’t hear your voice at night

How can I explain this differently

I hide you geographically

And you hide me physically

Knowing no one would understand

The openness we share

The love in our hands….

Is it right?

That I get excited at your silhouette

Even through tinted windows

Just the context of your being

My inner id is in here screaming

Happy as a dog with bone

Concentrated on every single taste

Delicately licking every single place

Ignoring obvious limitations

Entangling past regrets

With current obligations