The Danger

The danger of writing so viciously

Difficulties will arise momentarily

Unable to separate fantasy and reality

Adapting to different lives

Creating pain within myself

Expecting others to exist in my beliefs

Unknowingly creating doubt

What if there was more to see

Than just the expectation of faded believes….

The danger of wanting what’s not mine

Moving indiscriminately

Planning things that may not ever be

Proudly standing in every filtered victory

Granted an exception for every failure

Life transversing differently for me

Closing my eyes for a second of relief

If this dream were my reality

I’d be smiling indefinitely….

The danger of perpetual ideas

None of it has to materialize

And it will all feel as real

Waiting to see you

As if I’ve always saw you

Waiting to talk to you

As if we talk daily

Waiting to embrace you

As if I don’t feel you constantly….

The danger of feeling

Consistently feeling triumph and disaster

Existing in both simultaneously

Wanting every success

While drowning in agony

If only feelings were enough

Everything would be surreal

But at the end of the day

Only real is real