This strong façade is crumbling

Anticipating not seeing you is deafening

Unable to focus on anything

Attempting to move mountains

There has to be a waterfall to see

Literally feeling your presence approaching

So many planes in the air

Trying to figure out

Which one is yours

Looking into the sky

Humbled knowing God will provide….

This fragile anxiety I feel is stumbling

Mind going in different directions

I pick a direction

And now I’m second guessing

Wishing in a desperate space

If I could just hug you completely

Gratefully accepting our past

Accepting without that

We would be a different we

Perhaps in that timeline

You were already mine….

This strengthening view is inspiring

Regardless of moments in time

I am who I am

I wouldn’t be who I am

If I didn’t love you

With everything we’ve been through

The individual battles

Those individuals that left us

Those empty promises forsaken us

But we are here today

Making a new way….

This humbling belief is essential

God don’t make mistakes

To believe anything else

It is damn near sinful

Instead of worrying about nothing

I accept Gods strength and patience

All of this is a slow build up

Remaining open to every possibility

Knowing what will be will be

And we will both be at peace