Why Now?

Why now do I feel different?

Distance has been so routine

But now it feels different

It’s like I am missing it

Missing the confidence

Regardless of the time or distance

When we connect its different

Always increasing in spirit

Continually elevating

The sense of expansion

Wanting more than I was given

Clearly something is missing….

Why now do I need to connect

We don’t ever lose that connection

So I know I am tripping

Being reckless intentionally

Needing to remember how we connect

The beauty of this

It gives us time to reflect

Deepen our intellect

Enjoy the solitude of moments

How beautiful is it

Distance, time nor drama prevent this

We exist unconsciously….

Why now is this feeling so strong

Nothing has really changed

It feels like the same song

I’ve known you for so long

The thing that challenges me

When I see you smile instantly

Even when you challenge me

I receive it in love

Never worry about you selfishly harming me

There is some comfort

When we are limited by hugs

There isn’t an expectation of escalation

So we stay focused on love….

Why now, why now, why now

Keeping the phone in my hand

Making sure I’m available

But what’s questionable

That’s not how we roll

The intent is pure

There’s no need to respond instantly

We got each other for an eternity

So a dew minutes, days or months

After all the thoughts

I see a “hey you”

Instantly I feel love again