Still Alone

Through desperate times adjusted demands instead of contemplating what could be if you stand up like a man. Look for opportunity in everything you see, constantly improving everything you will be. Yet Still alone.

Despised through the suns rays makes a home in nightly ways.  Slightly moving with a vicious tongue, opening what can’t be undone. engulf in nights mystery, ecstatic with intimacy. Yet the sun shines a new a day.   Yet Still alone.

Reverently praised for successful ways.   Sincere gratitude impacts the mood.  Pride. Satisfaction. Confidence.  The common currency, pockets overflow. Yet  Still Alone.

Alone is not wrong. For there is a serene peace.  Unless that self, only knows of self and nothing else.  When that inner self, needs that outer touch, there is nothing left, but alone.

Copyright 2018 Sy Bryant. All rights reserved