Need to be free

Too much transgressed, for things to be the same

I feel this pit of emotion when someone brings up your name.   There was a time when that thin line was never close to hate…. Now the strife consumes my life.  I need to be free

Loves initiation blinded me to everything that was real. Dealing in future memories of things never meant to be.  Always unclear why the present was never aligned. All those plans we discussed, the dreams we outlined … now the days of ol are just old.  I need to be free

Each time we go around the sun, we are never the same. Hundreds of days just being a slave to the winds of change.  Seeing things through so many lenses, it’s never clear, too many distractions and fake heirs. I need to be free.

After the long haul.  The enduring tick of time has me beat.  The everlasting tock has me on my knees, praying for salvation from unrealistic realities of the nothing that will ever be.   I need to be free.

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