Untouchable Reality

Getting higher on some different shit
it’s from all the difficult shit
That fuck it shit
It made me stronger than I am physically
Leaping cross chasms cold and dingy
It’s just that untouchable reality.

When I found out what God created for me
It no longer mattered that my daddy left me
Everything gotta focus on the people around me
Diligently savage, articulately ravage, violently
I use it to power insatiability
It’s just that untouchable reality.

Sanity is Kryptonite on a lonely night
It’s the pain I lavish every night
Fuels the paramount of that full moon night
Face gritted up, pondering strangers mentally
Pockets empty miss that job I pimped easily
It’s just that untouchable reality.

Copyright 2018 Sy Bryant. All rights reserved