Just being me

Always hear promises of what life could be.
Never ever seen it turn into reality.
Lots of vain words.
And repetitive rhetoric about a future that will never be.
I’m good just being me.

Every time I go around the sun.
Someone eluding to what has just begun.
I get the positivity, but it don’t mean shit without sincerity.
So I just keep it moving, head on a swivel,
cause my reality is I’m good just being me.

Sitting here.
Laying here.
Staring here.
Thinking here.
Lying in a devastating reality of a fucked up fantasy.
Youth ain’t even here to protect my ego.
Just here with a frustrated libido.
Just need more practice letting go.
I’m good just being me.

Self preservation and self interested commitments being made as cooly as sitting in the shade.
It’s just an illusion to convince people that the resolution would benefit someone not just about getting paid. So I stay focused and I’m good just being me.

Finding the peace called serenity.
To be alone in a crowd of people.
That peace of mind of being able to use every piece of time …. Just being me.

Copyright 2018 Sy Bryant. All rights reserved