Beautiful YOU

Beautiful You
Beautiful you… can’t wait to see you
Beautiful you….i’m missing you
Beautiful you…everything about you
Beautiful you…i’m missing you
Beautiful, Beautiful, Beautiful you…

Been away for some time
Although we’ve talked
Ain’t the same as
Being with you
Seeing you everyday
I’m missing you
Needing you
Everything about you
Plane touched down
Texted you I’m landing
Sitting here waiting
Heart pounding
Excited to hear
You’re excited I am here
Planning it out
Figuring it out
We gonna work it out

Impatience building
Sweetie feel me
Desire driving me
Without you, I’m empty
Anxiety within me
Can you see me
Finally find you
Thanking God
I can see you
All a new mystery
Every single time I see you
It’s a deep feeling in me
Allowing me to feel you
You don’t know
How long I’ve been waiting
In deep anticipating
So glad to finally see you

Copyright 2018 Sy Bryant. All rights reserved