Silent Night 2

Silent Night
Silent night,
I close my eyes and imagine sights.
Insanely seeing things that ain’t real.
Frustratingly trying to figure out how you feel.
Losing my mind in make believe,
wishing you were here with me.

Silent night,
drizzle slowly falls,
wondering what’s happening across the infinity.
Thinking am I even missed.
Contemplating that magical spell,
that would lose serenity, selfishly, it’s all about me

Silent night,
I hate you the most.
For whatever reason you remind me of time,
distance and circumstances that remove all my chances of seeing…
seeing me love all that could be.

Silent night,
give me strength,
you are a passing mood that has my mind confused.
Giving me this wicked fantasy,
this crazy feeling of what could be.
Silent night, go away,
I cannot. With this pain, not one more day.

Copyright 2018 Sy Bryant. All rights reserved