Sheer Irony

Sheer Irony
It’s the sheer irony
People conceive of what they see
Still awaiting the next step
Not sure what’s next
We all pause
Take a knee
Throughout history
Used to memorialize
Or demonstrate a submissive nature
And it’s less important
The action of kneeling
Rather the action executed
When you stand up
When you know
You finally had enough

It’s the sheer irony
That every generation has experienced this
Called it different things
Everyone remembers it differently
The pain of it all
With some pacification
Ends a little bit better
Yet we still down trodden
Frustrated with accepting
Every modern application of freedom
We submitting forms
We submitting video evidence
We submitting testimonials
These truths are self evident
We were created equal
Not treated equally
Still asking to be free
Yet wondering why we are not free

It’s the sheer irony
Praying for peace
While teaching our children defense
How to maneuver this systematic racism
While still being friends
Messages from 40 years ago
Still relevant today
Speaking life into Black Lives
Remains the only way
Makes you question the humanity
Of those that do not see
But that is the privileged that skin allows
They do not concern themselves with trivial things
Your skin is your skin
It is who you are intended to be
But when your skin is treated as sin
It is a marginalized existence
Constantly striving for a better view
Even with health, wealth and class
We stay lost
Anchored to our past