Justice Ain’t Blind

Justice ain’t blind
Because it keeps picking me
Without a hint of mercy
In anything I see
What is the hesitancy to start over
If you can shut down and restart a team
If you can shut down and reorganize a business
What does it mean
When people hold onto something
That intentionally harms others
But let some real shit go down
And my own humbleness saves you
Now we brothers

Justice ain’t blind
Just closes its eyes
Can no longer be surprised
By the filth and lies
Which public office,
Is not for sell
You selling something
If the basis of your decisions
Are not based in right and wrong
And morally, the kind of people
We should be electing
Should only be
Those of the highest morale character
If you’ve never given your last
To a complete stranger in need
You are not the leader
That I will follow after

Justice ain’t blind
It is blatantly discriminate
Not sure if I’m angered about how it treats me
Or that we aren’t treated the same
And if we can’t be treated equally
at a higher level
Should we be treated the same
At a Lower level
Let that baton beat everyone
Right or wrong isn’t needed
Just the terror that must be maintained
To keep down the insurgents
Through the free press
They decided that enemy was foreign
But the greatest threat is always internal
The only issue is really about circumstances
The reluctance to protect this land
From all enemies foreign and domestic

Justice ain’t blind
This 20/20 vision
Is literally what those original architects
Wrote down and what they envisioned
The plan was laid out clearly
Leverage religious context
Kill everyone freely
Destroy everything in sight
Until everything avails itself
To everything that’s right
They never imagined
In their wildest dreams
That their sons and grandsons
Would let anyone else be free
And to be honest
That was never the real intent
It was only to create a greater tax base
It wasn’t about humanity
But about the economy
Whoever produces the most products
Controls every product
Thus controls the economy
The Justice and Economy
They were both for sale