Life Ain’t Easy

Life ain’t easy.
But it wasn’t meant to be this hard
It isn’t right for a father to leave
Only those that have seen that door close
We are the only ones that know
No matter what words
Or vain explanations are given
There is a void created
When the man that made you
Abandons you.

Life ain’t easy.
Just a lot of attempts to try different things
In principle, we have that guiding force
That intentional opportunity
Our predecessor making the road easy
Fatherhood is by choice, not bonded in pregnancy
We can be a father to anyone
Including someone else’s seed
It also means
It can be turned off, quickly.

Life ain’t easy
When you have your own seeds
The purpose of life becomes clearer
The love we have for our children
Oft times too much to even fathom
Then that hurt grows deeper
Asking, Why doesn’t he love me,
Like I love them?
No one knows God’s plan
Please believe we are still in God’s hands.

Life ain’t easy
But we want the easier road
Every pain and tear had a reason
And after enduringly long seasons
We are stronger than our father will ever know
The lesson is this….
When you give your own
That heartfelt forehead kiss
Make that your daily promise
That you will never give them the pain
That was given to you.