Even When You Cannot Believe

Even when you cannot believe
Pray that peace will be there
When you are in need
As we all go through the trial
We call this life
Evidence stacked for you
Evidence stacked against you
And we are expected
To act the same
Regardless of how
Individuals use our name

Even when you cannot believe
Know that there is still more
There is more life to live
There are more mistakes to make
We often learn the most
Based on those same mistakes
The only difference is
How much of an impact is in this
Do we allow one mistake
At a single point in time
To end this

Even when you cannot believe
There is someone
That is believing on your behalf
Just the nature flow of energy
We are all connect mystically
Even when you cannot fathom
Not even a miniscule possibility
There is someone that is there
Praying for you
You are more than they claim
You are everything you are made to be