I Cannot Blame You

I cannot blame you
For who I was
No more than I can blame you
For who I am
I am every choice
So of those will good
Most will be bad
The only comfort
Is that I am so focused
On learning from my own mistakes

I cannot blame you
Although I spent so much time
Doing exactly that
That know that I know better
Its hard to change a thing
Because I cannot get
Not one single second back
So instead of blaming you
Now, in reality I started hating you
Using hate as a fuel
I have become so cruel

I cannot blame you
But it is easier to blame you
Than to blame myself
Because if I blame myself
That would mean I failed myself
And I do not want to admit that
To myself
Yet I am stuck in this cycle
Of a lack of accountability
For every choice that I made
Wasn’t always made for me