It is right in front of me
The day is upon me
The phone is ringing
Knowing who’s calling
I don’t want to even answer
What does it even mean
This Diagnosis

They still talking
Yet I don’t hear a thing
Already searching for information
Not trusting what they are saying
Their voice sounds so serene
But hearing the urgency
This Diagnosis

Doctor asking me simple questions
Do I understand?
Do I have any questions?
Are you available for a follow-up appointment?
Mind was so focused
Saying absolutely nothing
This Diagnosis

This cannot be real
I know this doctor has to be wrong
I know God protects me
Hearing the “C” got me
Cannot even say it easily
What has happened to me
This Diagnosis

The 2nd doctor
Said the same as the first
Thought I feel different
And actually I do
I feel a lot worse
Is my fate sealed?
This Diagnosis

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