Counting the Tears


It was the only way to stop tears
Starting counting them as they fell
Just needed something different to do
These things wouldn’t stop
Falling endlessly
And I am just hoping there’s an end to this
But the hurt was latched on
And there was nothing that could be done
So all that could be done was done
Counting the tears

Just wanted to know
Deep from within
What could be done differently
Just to feel differently
Couldn’t do anything to shake the feeling
Felt every bit of moisture
Falling down softly
Stuck thinking
Thinking deeply
Counting the tears

What is life truly offering
If it can be cut so short
Doing everything right
For so long
Each day
Each night
Yet somehow
Without the slightest warning
This thing I will not name
Counting the tears

Could I just rewind the time
Just give me one single time
Give me that exact day
That I did whatever I did
To bring this suffering my way
I will repent
Give me a chance to atone
Can I ask forgiveness for every sin
The darkest places are so near
Counting the tears

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