Just Need a Sound

I don’t even know what to say
Nothing is really different here
I feel exactly the same
There are lots of people
That truly care
And if I could utter a sound
If I could just hear a sound
Just to know that someone is around

Telling everyone I love
Hearing the tearful sound in their voice
As if I was given a death sentence
As if I no longer have a choice
Please know this is not the end
There is a treatment already laid out
There will be a day to rejoice
I am going to exhaust every possible choice

Believing in God
That single entity
If you could give me a sound
Remind me intrinsically
I wouldn’t have to endure this
If God didn’t already know I could
But did it have to be me?
Please God protect me

People calling routinely
As if my status changes day to day
That thing they asking about
Growing microscopically daily
There is nothing I can really do
Convincing myself it’s a better option
If I can finally just enjoy myself
I just need to hear a sound

Closing my eyes
With a sound belief
Those bells ringing
When I finish this whole thing
Futuristically planning
Trying my best to envision the conclusion
That that doctor will proclaim to me
“You are cancer free”

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