Chemo Is My Therapy


Don’t want to be here
But there is no other way
This is what the doctor recommended
This was the best treatment option
Even after this evasive surgery
Chemo is my Therapy

It is hard to even go up this elevator
Knowing what will happen when I get there
The first time I have to sit in that chair
Promising me it will be comfortable
Cannot even anticipate what this will really be
Chemo is my Therapy

Nurses talking me through this
It will only be a few hours
That I will never get back again
Swear I could feel it enter me
Slowly drained all of my energy
Lethargically asking “Can someone help me”
Chemo is my Therapy

Periodically waking up
Asking for a cup of water
Maybe some cranberry juice
Anything to end this dryness
As if this poisonous liquid
Evaporated every liquid inside of me
Chemo is my Therapy

Pleading to end this
Last drop and then it will stop
Wanting to just stand
But there is nothing left in me
They offering wheelchairs
Rebuking this latency
Chemo is my Therapy

Grasping toward my last breath
I will stand up
I will walk on my own power
Just let me hold on briefly
Finding my balance eventually
Accepting this is only day one
Chemo is my Therapy

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