Power of the WORD


Went to church today
Just listening to the words that were said
Anticipating the feeling
Cause I know at some point
The Pastor’s words
Are about to touch me
I know he knows just from my face
That I am struggling
And I just need to hear a word

Went to my parents today
Shared the news with them
After the tears
We said everything that we had to say
Giving them comfort
As they are doing the same for me
Promising each other
We will be there
For each other, for an eternity

Went to visit my best friend
Received completely
The deepest constructed belief
Nothing from the tear duct was needed
Ensured under specific terms
That each surgeon would do their duty
Every nurse would protect me
Even the technicians would take the right readings
Everything preordained

Went to visit the waterfront today
Listening to musicians
As they filled the air with strings
To the rhythm of the percussion
During the brief moment of black out
Externally screamed to victory
Joyous word please fill me
God please do not forsake me

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