It is crazy what we are even talking about
We are talking about making it easier
For that Red Devil to get into me
Saying it will be faster
Less intrusive
You keep talking
Like we are friendly
You saying this is for me

It is like suddenly
I felt every drop of medicine
Quickly being absorbed in me
Most times you think medicines take time
But intravenously it goes right into me
I am feeling a bit sleepy
Just watching the drips drop
Right into me

And we repeat this process
Every two weeks I am here
You saying hello so nicely
But it isn’t something I want to hear
Because I know after that hello
You are asking how I’m feeling
Like if how I’m feeling matters
I know what’s coming right after

Probably saved my life
Not sure I would have endured the endless needles
Hoping I had the right nurse to stick me properly
That knew my body well enough
To not dig that needle around
When no vein was found
I know I should be thankful
Let’s just say I’m grateful

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