Celebrating Every Year


It seems like so long ago
I rang that bell
As soon as it was time to go
That last drop of medication in me
And now finally
I am finally free
Doing everything sincerely
Celebrating Every Year

If I could imagine this day
Right now
I am feeling like it’s my birthday
Accepting everything that happened
I have to believe it was all for a reason
And now I am enjoying things differently
Just happy to still be here
Celebrating Every Year

Knowing I was not to first
That needed to endure this struggle
I surely will not be last
But I am hopeful
Someone will learn from my path
Maybe even skip a tear
I am living proof there is a renewing
Celebrating Every Year

There is nothing more rewarding
Sharing this joyous day
Clapping and shouting with the whole community
If we could just find a cure
If we could work so tirelessly
That a cure would be revealed
Wishing I was the last patient ever
Celebrating Every Year

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