Wishing For A Better Day

The doctor calling me
It still stays in my head
Reviewing the test
Telling me we need to make sure
Suggesting we need to make decisions
I am just
Wishing for a better day

Going to the center the first time
Remembering how you greeted me
Knowing the results came back
Just as they did the first time
You looked at me optimistically
Yet I didn’t digest it deeply
Wishing for a better day

Arriving for surgery
As if it’s a normal day
Knowing when I leave the hospital
I will have less of me
Still I enter eagerly
Just wanting this to be over
Wishing for a better day

Healed and ready
Oxymoronic methodology
Readiness for Chemotherapy
As if this will solve everything
Because the surgery
Could only take parts of it away
Wishing for a better day

Now they say
There are no more visible signs
But now I have to continually
Be monitored for any signs
The lifelong quarterly infringement
Just to know I am ok
Wishing for a better day

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