Thank You!


I know this wasn’t the plan
When we said ‘I do’
In sickness and in faith
Comes across as a formality
Regardless of what it is
You still loved me
Still stayed right next to me
Through doctors visits
Through anything I needed
Thank You!

I know you know this
But I still need to say this
I appreciate the love and support
The patience you had
Each and every time
I was down to my last bit of energy
Yet you were still here for me
Making sure I ate what I needed
Took every pill you brought me
Thank You!

I know I don’t need to say it
But I must
Just remembering all the
“Go-For” activities
You’ve done enough miles
For multiple marathons
I didn’t always say thank you
Hopefully you already knew
I love you sincerely
Thank You!

I know me made it
Through every initial test
Comforting each other
We did our best
It wasn’t also easy
But we’ve made it last
Growing stronger
With each and every breath
We’ve done it all together
Thank You!

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