Loving Everything


If I didn’t have love
What would I have
It has carried me through this
Without it
How would I even get through this
Every single call
Each text message spoke to me
Thank you for loving me
Loving everything about this feeling

In the midst of the struggle
There is something to having you here
Sitting right here
Through every single opportunity
You always stayed with me
Given me all that you have
Even when I was on my last
I thank God for this thing
Loving Everything

Why did it happen to me
Hard to believe this was for me
Was this always my destiny
Could I have done something different
Did I do something wrong
Is it my hereditary
Or is it just me
Doing too much of anything
Loving everything

Now that it’s here
Not really sure how to feel
I am not going to quit
Live this life to the fullest
Doing anything I possibly can
Never taking life for granite
Never again
I see things so differently now
Loving everything

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