From Day One

From day one
I rejected you
Self inflicting pain
Before you even settled
Already concluded your departure
Lost so many chances
Missed the opportunities
To learn and grow together

From day one
I knew I wasn’t the focus
Seeking my mothers attention
But that was my attention
Didn’t want to share
What I had rightfully stole
Wasn’t willing to negotiate
Opened the Art of War

From day one
Relentless in pursuit
Battling endlessly
No one was taking
Her from me
Creating insurmountable obstacles
But possession being the 9/10
I struggled for the win

From day one
Every visit was contentious
Until you opened up independently
And started teaching new things
Applying castling, running wires, sheetrock
Just basic things
Filling every void and gap
Wish I had you back

From day one
To that very last day
Half my life passed away
Finding comfort in your peace
Eternally grateful you chose me
Not every person is able
Or even willing
Caring for another’s seed