Living In This Fantasy

Living in This Fantasy
Living in this fantasy
Got me thinking differently
Stay considering if it weren’t fiction
What level of complacency
Would get a grip on me
Removing possibility of reality
Just to Settle down

Living in this fantasy
Birds harmonize with the breeze
Sweetest song I’ve ever heard
Don’t even understand a word
Aligning with a new frequency
People passing by consider envy
Arms outstretched accepting energy

Living in this fantasy
Absorbing the raw sincerity
Mindfully trusting in insecurity
Blinded through Undetermined fate
Sureness invading every space
As if this was real
I would be surreal

Living in this fantasy
Inadequacies growing within
Germinating from the outside in
Destroying my sensibilities
Left with nothing but hesitancies
Admiring realism
From a fantastic view