Just One More Day


Tomorrow is all that’s left
I did it
I gave my best
I cannot even sleep through this
Not even sure
What it is
What will I do when it’s all said and done
Where else will I go
With all those hours
All that time
Sitting in this chair
Slowly accepting Adriamycin
Just one more day

Trying my best to hydrate
Knowing I need to drink more
That medication and H2O
Together they create this solution
Even if we are so far away
Feeling like light years away
From an actual cure
Sitting here thinking
What am I missing
Hours and hours
Just sitting there waiting
Waiting, waiting, waiting
Just one more day

Cannot help to think back
Hating to remember the date
When I found out my fate
Everything changed instantly
Not physically just stereotypically
People looking at me differently
Talking to me softer
As if this cancer infected my hearing
Talking to me gently
As if everything now hurts my feelings
Wishing things would be like they were
Just one more day

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