Ring This Bell


Seeing it so many times
And now it is my time
At first I was worried
That I would be to loud
But now I am just
Too excited to contain anything
I have to Ring This Bell
Show every bit of my power
Let everyone hear
That I am still here

I remembering back to the first time
When I was still curious of its meaning
Even seen pictures and videos
People’s ceremonious endings
Really didn’t get it
Why did they Ring This Bell
Then one day I heard that sound
I saw that emotion ring so loud
Showed me how to hold on
With nothing left but the will to hold on

Now every time I am hear that sound
That one indication that they are done
Nothing sounds so beautiful
Then that clapper clapping
The sound just resonating
Than that release of pure emotion
That outpouring of emotion
Finally can see
Nothing else weighing on me
Ring This Bell
Now I am free

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