Sleep Away The Pain

Sleep away the pain
Please allow me to be me
Escape this self caused misery
Deepening in me
Won’t let me be
Embarrassing to admit it
Feeling convicted

Sleep away the pain
Longing for a time
Where peace is mine
Surrounded by opportunity
PAIN let me free
Why can’t I see
A way without complicated belief
Anything for a relief

Sleep away the pain
Without longing for toxins
Let sleep be my serenity
Closer than my own breath
PAIN won’t let me rest
Gripping my inner being
Heart minimally beating
Don’t even know what I’m seeing

Sleep away the pain
Reality proves me insane
Hoping that faith will set me free
Barely stay afloat in this
Why am I remiss?
Absorbing PAIN so closely
Lord please forgive my envy
Wishing pain wouldn’t control me