Branded in mystery
Providing the illusion of a victory
The principles cultivated
Every feeling exaggerated
Pound by pound of flesh
Broken until nothing is left
Archaically Molded in historical ways

Shining through the darkest night
Single star guided sight
Drudging step by tedious step
Unbridled agony at a missed step
Blinded through the fear of defeat
Enthusiastically reaching every peak
Worthy of every hand in the land

Stages changing, exponentially aging
Counting days like years have past me
This excruciating torment turning me into we
Eyes closing whenever possible
Just a moment of silence to escape
The extracted punishment of being late
Yet the end has no date

Branded for eternity
The infinity of friendship’s tranquility
Digesting the past experiences as memories
Not a spit of complaint for everything endured
Accepting every reason for that season
Completely vested without a bit of control
Friendship is Essential to the Soul