Family (1)
Faint memories
Devastated me
The fallacy of belief
Holding onto fiction
Artistically describing
Each and every interaction
Remembering Christmas morning
Thinking we were a family

Haunted memories
Seeing who made you
Each time I thought
Even for an instance
The other half of me
Finally wanted me
Just an illusion I created
Wanting family

Fake Memories
Created multi parent household
Lasted until I was 10 years old
Held me and allowed me to grow
Didn’t even know
Parents weren’t suppose to go
Slowly realized
The one sided family

Angered memories
Woke up realizing
Single parent household
Faults amplified
The rejection taken hold
Half of what made me
No longer wanted me
That’s my family

Ignored memories
Siblings visited
Far off and distant
Never an embrace
Barely a hello
Realized, for the first time
I was alone
Abandoned by family