What’s Left of Me?

Disappointed in resentment
Unforeseen fulfillment
Understanding the resilience
Unequivocally connected to resistance
Progressing through darkness
Trudging past the loneliness
Creeping around uncertainty
What’s left of me?

Envisioning upward awakenings
Aggravated into unfamiliar feelings
Resurrection of derivative viewings
Starting to think something new
Initiating a different point of view
Second guessing it’s you
Unraveling this mystery
What’s left of me?

Invoking this opening scene
Believing in the unknown things
Prayerfully accepting the unseen
Earth shaking the life outta me
Waves changing how I breathe
Thrust of windfall controlling my fall
Appreciation for something I can see
What’s left for me?

Sun shinning 360
World spinning feverishly
If I could get off
Where would I be
Fear got a hold of me
Devastated remembering the past
Shattered in how long it’ll last
Lost in life definitely
What’s left for me?