All I have is tomorrow

All I have is tomorrow
Nothing left in me today
Wishing the earth moved faster
Cause Of the pain of today
The mirror showing me
All that I am
Lost in this space
Did not finish this race

All I have is tomorrow
Today is already spent
I’ve tried and I’ve tried
Until I’m tired of tired
What other way could I go
Streets so quiet
Like Feet against new fallen snow
Left with nowhere to go

All I have is tomorrow
Every plan has failed
Staring at the blueprint
Second guessing what heaven sent
Releasing what this world has meant
Slowly thinking, about the next step
Paralyzed in analysis
Still cannot figure out what I missed

All I have is tomorrow
Cannot even sleep
Waiting for the first hour to approach me
Laying out something deep inside me
Praying over this so I can believe in this
Patiently waiting for this evolution
Extracting the earths energy in one revolution
Faithful for this solution