Don’t Need to Survive

don’t need to survive
Just consume and resume
Everything I already done
Just keep rewinding
Just keep repeating
That’s all I have to do

don’t need to survive
Everything is repaired
Everything is prepared
No need to gather nuts and berries
No need to hunt for sustainability
Every time I need anything
It’s right there for me

don’t need to survive
Just enjoy the fruits Of labor
Not my labor, my time is billable
No need for brick and mortar
A few clicks and my day is over
Talk the talk. Walk the walk.
Finished before it’s even dark.

don’t need to survive
It’s like it’s all available to me
I just need to pretend it’s all for me
And even when it’s not for me
I can even get a five year loan for free
I call that the consumers destiny
In debt for all eternity