Before The Sun Left

Before the sun left
I gave all that I had left
No reason to hold on anything
Time is lost instantly
Income versus outcome
Irrelevantly becoming numb
Slowly accepting everything
Achieving nothing

Before the sun left
I gave away all that I had left
Holding onto material things
Draining potential of offspring
Suffering through differing thoughts
Searching for that ideal spot
Admiring the rear view
Blessed given all I’ve been through

Before the sun left
I started believing with all I had left
Hoping to see the next day
Mindful of obstacles coming my way
Seeking something innovative
Keeping this life in perspective
Launching ideas into the universe
Quitting is the only curse

Before the sun left
Lost all I had left
Riding into eternal abyss
Praying not to reminisce
Avoiding every pain of the past
Asking vehemently for it to pass
Slowly sinking from disgrace
Peace achieved in this final resting place