Trusted You

Realizing that people leave

Counting the leavers

Really surprising

Unrecognizable arrivals

Creating fake families

Believing everyone

Is loving everyone

Latching onto

Familiar surroundings

Create environments

Where trust is digested

Completely accepted

Realizing that people are cruel

Animalistic natural evolves us

Yet never leaves us

We selfishly elate in individuality

Seeing differences seems normal

Watching individuals become immoral

Enabling the self centered being

Become the only thing that matters

Ignoring the existence of other being

Gratification The highest pursuit

Hate everything about you

Overtly enabling the deadly sins

Pressed into silence

Surprisingly ignored it

Didn’t know the intricacy

Challenging to explain things

Just realized my explanation

Didn’t really work

I mean the realness wasn’t received

How important is language

Context changes every meaning

Suddenly the loneliness

The experience rebirth in me

Seeking solace desperately

Burden is heavily applied

Tears from years of the same cry

Built the foundation internally

Most significant item

The only thing I hold onto

Holding this relentlessly

Trust no one completely