Growing Up

Growing up
I thought love was forever
Remembering every image
It’s like, embedded in me
Now I’m left wondering
Feeling so empty
Was it all an illusion
Crazy ideology
Cause I’ve never thought
It was all within me

Growing up
I thought happiness was a place
Everything we did had a place
As time keeps moving
Feel like I’m losing my place
Stuck in a place
Where I have lost my pace
So I quietly assume
That we in the same place
So I already lost the race

Growing up
Consumed in things
I could never really fathom
Luxurious items
Thought I needed to have them
Ended those dreams
Cause they weren’t worth a thing
Striving for materialism
But that don’t mean a thing
Staying focused nothing

Growing up
Caused me all kind of grief
Kept believing in people
That could care less about me
Reaching levels of anxiety
Everything felt real
But it was all just a dream
Losing my insight
Let the truth behold me
Deepest energy