It’s hard not to self reflect

Based on where I am today

Deepened into curiosity

Of each choice that I made

Trying to alleviate myself

The doubt and pain

Consistently leveraged

To bury myself

Self reflection

More than a mirror will ever show

Rewinding for a moment

Specific situations

Even a few examinations

Trying to fathom the impossible

That I rewrite history

Curse of an unconquerable soul

Reflecting on my past self

Circumventing each time

I did the right thing

In the right time

Because I negatively

Don’t want to be me

So I constantly re-evaluate

How I came to be

Perpetrating my own reflection

Applying filters readily

Unknowingly maintaining

That morbid view of reality

Neglecting the higher calling

Of why I am the way I am

Ungrateful in my own satisfaction

Just a passenger in the inception

Reflection retrospectively

The numerous assurance

I offered in individuals pursuits

Believing they are happy,

Enjoying every bit of life and liberty

Cause those fantasies ain’t for me

Created realistic fantasies

That conspired and paralyzed me