People Dying Everyday

People dying everyday
Immune to it
The tune of it
X numbered died
In a fiery blaze
Rescuers prevented access
Too strong of a blaze
It is nothing
Not any emotion
Human or celebrity
Never bothered me
In any way
Until this day

People dying everyday
I’m watching it happen
Bored with murder
As if I was napping
Experiencing it from a distant
Every so often
It’s something reminiscent
That person so close to me
We created a memory
And when it hits you
That last memory
That’s all you got
Slowly realizing
With every breath of pain
Not another moment of time
No need to say what’s up
Time is up

People dying everyday
It’s the only guarantee of life
For every breath that breathes
Eventually, they will stop
Struggling to rationalize
Why is this one new
Didn’t even know you
Only heard of you
Friend of a friends friends friend
Six degrees removed
Only noticed through the news
Something wasn’t right
Just need another chance
If you could just reverse this
Please answer this prayer
That somehow
For my own children
I’ll always be there