It’s Something

It’s something about this movie

I remember it from the movies

Filled me with emotion

As if I was in the movie, first person

I quote lines as if they are mine

Like I speak to people using the script

And if they don’t respond in kind

I walk away, like fuck this shit.

It’s something about this song

When it comes on I stop what I’m doing

Always need to close my eyes

Consistently I need to smile

As I count in that beat

And I start singing in harmony

Cannot remember a day without its memory

This song is a part of me

It’s something about this block

When things ain’t right it is my anchor

Don’t even know who’s there anymore

There are new trees and a breeze

But M-Block still feels like home

All that sweat I dripped on that street

All the blood from falling on that street

All the tears from taking a loss on that street

It’s something about being wrong

When it hits you with regret

And you ain’t even sad yet

And the feeling of “damn” is in you

Realizing pain will never miss you

And all you have is an apology to offer

And you’ve wronged for so long

An apology ain’t enough any longer