Anyone … Besides Me

Keep looking around

Waiting on someone else

Need someone to step up

Can’t depend on anyone else

All these problems we facing

Where are the leaders

Where are the entertainers

Need someone to do something


Besides me

Keep looking around

Looking in disbelief

Especially riding through Philly

Old school barely a school

Even had a jail at the school

Reaching out to administration

Demanding explanations

They need someone to change this


Besides me

Keep looking around

Seeing the same problems

They the same they’ve always been

Derivatives of slave masters’ sins

Even with education and intellect

Still have their name

On my seeds neck

Someone must stand up


Besides me

Keep looking around

Wondering what this is about

Nothing is changed

It’s all the same with a different name

Watching the cycle like a re-run

Knowing if it gets too out of hand

Lil ol’ shotty bouncing on a man

This is just too much, someone help us


Besides me