Releasing every thought

Each perspective

All ideas that contain

All the limitations I have every experienced

The thoughts that prevent progression

The idea that is now a nightmare

Releasing it all in the crisp cool air

Releasing every pain

Thorn of thoughts

Piercing the flesh of forgiveness

Debilitating fruits of labor

Void of thought, is what I savor

Enabling the strength to succeed

That’s all I really need

Releasing every history

Today is a new thing

Intentionally filling it with new dreams

Building ideas, concepts, pure energy

Interlocking joy with jeopardy

Risking it all on everything

Just to hear the birds sing

Releasing every goal

Built things on things that were old

Expecting something new seems bold

Sacrificing the intimate stories told

From now on, leave the past alone

Investing in what I can call my own

Free to be alone