Epiphany of Pain

The Epiphany of Pain

Imaging the first devastation

Never imaging something so impactful

Powerful words rattling my psyche

Humbled by a chance opportunity

To be the chosen few

Nothing prepared us

for what lay ahead

Manhood, shining in the thunderous rain

The Epiphany of Pain

If we could yet awake from that dream

Could not fathom the reality of things

The physical challenges awaited us

Mentally we were barely off of empty

Linked in friendship kept our resiliency

Rolling one after another

Scholarship, massacred into our brain

The Epiphany of Pain

Illogically slowly accepting this fate

Engulfed with idealistic thoughts

Walking bridges others have taught

Pursuing obstacles with a dogmatic view

Listening to truths spoken by twisted knaves

Realizing the crystal stair ancestors had to bare

Perseverance, grinding to become insane

The Epiphany of Pain

Accepting the fallacy of all I hold dear

There was but six standing there

Climbing through the the darkest night

Shoulder to shoulder, days to night

Rebuilt in the shadow of KAOS hard ways

Souls combined into the Kaotix 6ix

Uplift, birthed in the hardest of ways