Within its thrills of DEMOCRACY

I think I see more than what

I’m supposed to see

Things are fair and just

Because that’s what you’re meant to see

But in the midst of the struggle

Poor will fight poor

To maintain the wealthy

The wealthy elite

That’s who the stars represent

The stripes for everyone else’s

Pain and punishment

It’s gotten so irate

That the Lords and the Saxons

Argue about unending debates

Gross neglect is DEMOCRACY’S fate

You just have to stop and think

What’s the purpose of this DEMOCRACY

For all the times that it existed

Mass murders were a common existence

King’s fought side by side with their armies

No one was above peace and harmony

Then realization manifested into reality

An elitist dying from war would never be reality

War has always existed

It is a animalistic condition

To have everything you can possible hold

No one wants to really share

Until they are past tense and old

So we continue propagating this myth

That we are free

And it’s due to DEMOCRACY