Subtle Breeze

Staring into this subtle breeze

Continuous cloud blocking the burning sun

Endless sand finally touching my homeland

Left to wonder, and understand this new summer

This new summer showing me the past

Encapsulating every bias I have

Serenity can only be leased

Why must I have this break in peace?

This break in peace

Pounds a deafening frequency

Wanting to believe in something

Not destined for me

For me the world is too much

Staggered in analysis causing paralysis

Yet I will claim

It’s all in Christ’s name

In Christ’s name I pray

If I were a strong as he

Then I would know what this life really means

Selfishly believing in a feeling I’ll never know

I’ll never know what it means

To sacrifice your own life

For someone you don’t even know

Somehow finding an existence in everything I hold dear

Everything I hold dear

Held in the chasm of my mind

Holding every doubt with ease

Staring into the subtle breeze