Can I Get To Know You?

Can I get to know ya

Wanna know what’s real with ya

Cause it has to be something

That I’m missin with ya

Its like every once in a while

Everything calms down

Like I’m in the eye of the storm

And I asking myself what’s wrong

What is going on in this place

Never seen such a calm space

Can I get to know ya

Can I get to know ya

Cause Its obvious I don’t know ya

I know I been in your presence

Cannot even count the times

But you got my face wound up

Should I be shocked or surprised

My pessimism cannot appreciate this

Optimistically I’ve been waiting for this

Looking skeptically, not sure what to do

Should I sit directly next to you

Can I get to know ya

Can I get to know ya

I must need a refresher course

Cause when I see ya

I don’t know the course

Is it rough and rigid

Memorized your digits

Bewildered by this change

When someone asked

I didn’t even know my own name

If I had one wish in this world

Can I get to know ya

Can I get to know ya

Need to avoid those sore spots

When you making dinner

I’m cleaning the pots

If you sweep

Then I’ll vacuum

Taking the trash out

You ain’t got to ask me

Filling every void that I can

I’ll show you all that I am

Can I get to know ya